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Paris Museums: Institut du Monde Arabe

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Paris’s museums are very famous. Among the museums scattered all over the city, one of the most important ones is the museum, as well as serving as a research center and educational institution. Arab World InstituteThe museum is dedicated to the arts that have survived and developed from the roots of Islamic civilizations to the present day.

Arab World Institute (Institut du Monde Arabe, IMA) was established in 1987 on the banks of the Seine River. It was designed by Jean Nouvel and Architecture Studio. Located in the Rue des Fossés Saint Bernard district of Paris, the building does not go unnoticed with its geometric patterned building and extraordinary architecture.

Institut du Monde Arabe

The museum is very rich in content, the works reflecting the Arab civilization and culture constitute the main dynamic of the museum. Interesting exhibitions are presented by examining the art, history, traditions or daily lives of the Arab world from different angles.

Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris

The Institute for the Arab World (Institut du Monde Arabe or IMA) was opened after an agreement between France and 18 Arab countries to keep this organization alive. Information exchange and communication between France and the Arab world is aimed. It is aimed to support research in France. Cooperating in the fields of science, technology, education and culture is also among the aims of the Arab World Institute.

Binan design won the Aga Khan Award For Architecture Architecture. Inside the institute, there are museums, libraries, restaurants and offices.

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The museum also feeds on other collections and museums in Paris. You can also see artifacts and collections from France’s national museums such as the African and Oceania Art Museums, the Decorative Arts Museum and the Louvre Museum. Various illustrations obtained from archaeological excavations among the collections in the museum are among the interesting works of the museum.

From time to time, Arab countries also give their collections to the Arab World Institute to be exhibited. Each piece in the museum, which they have lent to IMA for long periods, is classified chronologically according to the processes of these regions where centuries-old civilizations meet. Syria and Tunisia are among the first Arab countries to contribute to these collections.

Artifacts from Syria and Tunisia are exhibited on the 4th, 6th and 7th floors, which are the permanent sections of the museum. These floors are called the heart of IMA. Be sure to examine prehistoric artifacts such as the museum, stone tools, cuneiform tablets, and cylindrical seals. There are pieces showing the important role Syria played in human history on the floors where artifacts from the Bronze Age are located.

Institut du Monde Arabe

Institut du Monde Arabe attracts attention with its 9th and 19th century works. The works of Tunisia between these dates are enormous. You can see the richness and diversity of Islamic art in Tunisia while visiting the museum in the period until the Ottoman period.

There are also very special items in the museum. One of them is the bust of Emperor Lucius Verus, which once adorned the home of El Jem’s wealthy nobleman. There are always a few visitors in front of the bust. Do not pass without seeing this special bust on you. The stone monument and various mosaics dedicated to Saturn are other exceptional pieces in the museum.

In addition to all these exhibition areas, the institute also organizes Arabic lessons, film screenings, shows, workshops, literature and poetry activities, and guided tours.

After visiting the museum, it is very difficult to choose one of the restaurants that I recommend you to stop by both to relax and to taste different dishes. Because all three offer delicious flavors.

Le Zyriab Restaurant on the 9th floor is as beautiful as its food. Make a reservation in advance and ask them to reserve a table by the window. Enjoy Arabic cuisine by watching the historical buildings of Paris. Couscous, vegetarian dishes, salads and desserts are delicious. It is open every day from 12:00 until midnight.

Le moucharabieh, a bistro and restaurant on the 9th floor, is also worth a visit for its view and cocktails. Located on the ground floor, Café littéraire is an address that I would recommend if you come to the museum early in the morning. You can order authentic Arabic dishes at the cafe, which is open between 10.00 and 19.30.

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Institut du Monde Arabe

Institut du Monde Arabe Visit Information and Entrance Fee

Address: 1 Rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard, 75005 Paris, France
Visiting hours: Open to visitors every day between 10.00-18.00 except Mondays. It closes at 19.00 on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
Entrance fee: The entrance fee of the Institut du Monde Arabe is 6 €. Students under the age of 26 can enter 4 € by showing their student card. The entrance fee varies for periodic exhibitions and special events. Those who want to use the library and restaurant can enter the building free of charge.
Transportation: You can reach the Arab World Institute by walking by getting off at the Jussieu stop by the line 7 of the Paris metro and at the Cardinal Lemoine station of the metro line 10. The bus line numbers you can reach the institute are 24, 63, 67, 86, 87, 89.

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