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JomtienIs located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, about 3 km south of Pattaya. The biggest advantage of Jomtien is that it offers comfortable beaches and a less touristy environment, as well as a 15-minute bus ride to south Pattaya and Walking Street.

In the late 1990s, Pattaya became one of the most popular holiday resorts in South East Asia, and Jomtien had its 6 km long sandy beaches.

Jomtien pattaya

It has become a preferred place not only for families and weekend vacationers from Bangkok, but for those who only come to Pattaya but seek a more quiet and noise-free holiday.

Jomtien Beach

Jomtien, where you can find quite a lot of hotels, seaside resorts and cheap hostels, is one of the best choices for holidaymakers who are far from the chaos in the heart of Pattaya but still do not want to break away from Pattaya’s nightlife and shopping spree.

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The beach does not exactly meet the dreams of those who want to experience a tropical atmosphere, but Pattaya is preferred because it is calmer than the beaches in the center. The clear sea on the islands, unfortunately, is not here. You have the chance to relax by taking your magazine, your book and sipping your fruit juice on the sand.

The Pratamnak (Big Buddha) hill topologically separates Jomtien bay from South Pattaya, but as the fastest growing residential area in Pattaya, it connects the northern parts of Jomtien with the southern parts of Pattaya.

About Jomtien Beach

It has its own bay a few kilometers south of Pattaya and is a 10-minute bus ride away from attractions such as South Pattaya and Walking Street. It’s a pretty easy place to get used to.

There is currently only one main road between a single North-South. Streets are either numbered or named according to the buildings in the area.

Bus-taxis constantly go between Jomtien coast road and South Pattaya and connect these two regions. A bus that you will take north from Jomtien coastal road will be in Pattaya at the latest 10 minutes later. As everywhere in Thailand, there are motorcycle taxis on every corner. If you know how to use a motor, you can rent a suitable motor and go to Pattaya center easily.

After passing the Dongtan Police station north of Jomtien, Jomtien Coastal Road changes name to Thappraya Road (the main road used by taxis to get to Pattaya).

It goes as far as South Pattaya and connects to the 2nd Pattaya road there. On the Pratamnak hill 1 km above, there is an intersection joining the Thepprasit road. This intersection provides the connection between Jomtien and Sukhumvit Road.

Dongtan Beach, where gays are mostly located in Jomtien, is located at the junction of Jomtien beach and Thrappraya road just north of Dongtan police station.

Things to do on Jomtien Beach

Jomtien is a quieter area that is home to high-rise apartments, plazas, hotels and restaurants. With tourism that started in the 80’s and 90’s, it was known only for its activities on the seashore and beaches, but with the development of infrastructure recently, it has become a great living space especially for expats.

A large number of Russian and Scandinavian citizens reside on Pratumnak Hill in Jomtien. Middle and well-off westerners generally live in this region.

Large and small supermarkets, restaurants appealing to international tastes, many bars, clubs and entertainment centers started to serve the people living here.

Jomtien beach

There are all kinds of Thai restaurants, exchange offices, travel agencies, souvenir shops, massage parlors and markets where you can find everything you are looking for, and even a considerable number of pharmacies, dentists and opticians in the side streets on the seaside street.

Although they are too small to be compared to the shops in Pattaya, there are enough shops and large enough to meet the expectations of tourists.

For example, Thepprasit Night Market, which is set up every Friday to Sunday, is not only for tourists, but also a must-see place where locals go for shopping. Tesco and a large factory outlet just around the corner of Sukhumvit road await those looking for branded products at cheap prices.

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At the junction of Thappraya and Thepprasit road, there is a huge international supermarket where foreign tourists and expats can meet their needs. If you say that this is not enough for you either, Pattaya is a 10-minute taxi ride away and does not cost more than 20 Baht.

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