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Bergen Travel Guide |

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BergenIt is Norway’s second largest city after the capital Oslo. Bergen, the most visited tourist area in Norway, is a port city that has survived from the Middle Ages to the present day. Bergen, the starting point of fjord tours in the country, is a settlement on the southwestern coast of Norway, which was the capital of its country until 1229.

Known for its torrential rain all over Europe, Bergen is also one of Norway’s hottest cities thanks to the Gulf Stream. One of the most important trade ports of the Hanseatic Trade Empire in the 14th and 16th centuries, the city is also the second largest city in the country’s Hordaland Province.

Bergen places to visit

Bergen Travel Guide

Bergen, which is called mini Norway with all its nice features about Norway, is a city full of answers to all your questions about the country waiting to be discovered. Bergen, which is located on the west coast of Norway and is home to the enchanting fjords within the scope of UNESCO World Heritage Site, is at the crossing point of those who want to visit the fjords of western Norway.

In addition to its natural beauties, the country’s most popular climbing and mountain hiking trails are located in rural areas just outside the city. Bergen, which is the most active city in the country with its flavors reflecting Norwegian cuisine and nightlife, has a typical Norwegian atmosphere with its harbor opening to the North Sea and colorful wooden houses surrounding the city.

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Bergen Attractions

You can start exploring Bergen by walking from the streets of colorful northern houses with pointed roofs. Fish Market, established at the end of Vagen Bay, is one of the important points of the city. In the market, originally called Fisketorget, dozens of fish and seafood are sold and instantly cooked and served.

Beyond the Fish Market is Torgalmenningen Square, which is closed to traffic. This is also a shopping street with all kinds of shops.

On the other side of the square, where various street artists are located, is the historical Bryggen District, where the Hanseatic Houses built by Hanseatic Merchants for warehouse, office and accommodation purposes are located. These structures, which are on the Unesco World Heritage List, have been damaged many times, but have been rebuilt.

In Bergen, it is no longer allowed to build houses from wood, except for Hanseatic Houses, against fire hazard. On the lower floors of the Hansa Houses, there are shops selling touristic items. You can also visit the open-air museum where all the old houses called Gamble Bergen were built and the old lifestyle was revived.

Do not return from Bergen, which is a very interesting place due to its location, without going to the Floyen and Ulriken Hills. In order to see the sun that touches the horizon without ever setting, it is necessary to go to Tromso, which is located in the far north of Norway. Located inside the Arctic Circle, Tromso is about 1500 km from Bergen.

Apart from the port in Vagen Bay, there is also a large port in the bay on the other side of the cape. The ferries, which also go to the north by entering the fjords, depart from the port on this side. From here, it is possible to go to Sognefiyord, which comes to mind first when it comes to Bergen fjords. The Hardanger Fjord, which you can go by road, is another option.

1. Bryggen

Bergen travel guide

Bergen Harbor The most charming area of ​​Bergen with its colorful wooden houses located on the coast BryggenBecame the commercial center of the city in the Middle Ages. Located in Bryggen, a UNESCO World Heritage Site At the Bryggens Museum, you can take a pleasant journey into the past of the district, and see the archeological finds, local objects and information and documents on maritime trade.

2. Bergen Old Town

Bergen Old TownIt is a region consisting of 50 wooden houses built afterwards in order to keep the nostalgic atmosphere of Bergen alive. In the Old City, you can go on a pleasant journey in time with Bergen houses belonging to the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, as well as workplaces and shops unique to different periods of history.

3. Bergenhus Castle and Rosenkrantz Tower


Norway’s best preserved fortress surviving to the present day Bergenhus CastleIt has been used as the palace of Norwegian kings since the 13th century. Since it was damaged during World War II, it was renovated after the war.

Built in the 1270s, right next to Bergenhus Castle, Rosenkrantz Tower and Bergenhus Castle, which was used as the graveyard of the royals in the 13th century. Christ ChurchYou can visit.

4. Bergen Art Museum and Bergen Decorative Arts Museum

Located on the shore of Lille Lungegårdsvann Lake in Bergen city center Bergen Art MuseumIn, you can see the famous Rasmus Meyer collection, the best Edvard Munch works on display outside Oslo, and works by other favorite Norwegian painters.

Bergen Museum of Decorative Arts has the largest collection of Chinese paintings in Norway. It is famous for presenting its decorative artworks and different design products with modern and radical exhibitions.

5.Gamlehaugen Palace


Located in the suburb of Gamlehaugen, 2 km south of Bergen city center Gamlehaugen PalaceWhile it was the residence of the former prime minister who played a major role in the liberation of the country from Swedish protection, it is now used as the home of the royal family. The palace and its magnificent green garden can be visited with a guide.

Bergen eating and drinking

Although Norwegian cuisine is based on fish and seafood, it is possible to find flavors that appeal to every palate in Bergen. Norwegian cuisine is based on dishes made with hearty, nutritious and easily available ingredients cooked in rural areas. Apart from local specialties, Mediterranean, Japanese and Mexican American cuisines are also very popular in the city.

In Bergen, as in Norwegian cuisine, in addition to fish and seafood, which are the main dishes of the tables, venison is also consumed in the city. Raspeballer, which is Norwegian variety, deer kebab and smoked salmon, as well as fish soup and potato ravioli, are among Bergen’s most popular dishes.

Among the staple foods used in Bergen cuisine are reindeer meat, cod, goat cheese and dried unsalted fish. Also, one of the specialties of Bergen, cinnamon buns and skillingsballs must be tried.

In Bergen, where there are gourmet restaurants, cafes and bakeries, the most popular of the city are located on Zachariasbryggen Harbor, Engen, Teatergaten, Neumannsgate, Strandgaten and Kong Oscars Gate and around Torgallmenningen Square.

Beyer’en Bar & Restaurant, Cornelius Seafood Restaurant, Dickens Restaurant, Jacob Aall Restaurant, Cafe Magnus, Lie-Nielsen, Klosteret Kaffebar, Augustus Konditori and Baker Brun are the most popular eating and drinking places.

Bergen shopping

The most popular addresses for shopping in Bergen are Oleana and Galleriet, the Fish and Flower Market area, the Old Town, Marken, Torgallmenningen Square and its surroundings. In Bergen, where you can find local souvenirs unique to the city, there are alternative shopping stops to suit every taste, from small shops to unique boutiques, from big shopping centers to famous brands.

Local souvenirs that can be bought in the city include; hand-knitted wool dresses, hand-made textile products with traditional motifs, hand-painted glass trinkets, ceramic souvenirs and porcelain dinner sets.

Handmade felt and wool toys, custom woven wool carpets, Norwegian sweaters, ethnic Norwegian costumes and wood carvings and artworks are among other popular souvenirs unique to the city.

You can find such local shopping stops around Øvregaten, Lille Øvregate, Vetrlidsallmenning, Torget, Vågsallmenningen, Strandkaien, Strandgaten and Bryggen, as well as around Torgallmenningen, the city’s main square.

Gamle Strandgaten, the historical meat market Kjøttbasaren on Vetrlidsalmenning Street and the famous fish market Torget on the harbor shore are the most popular open-air markets in Bergen. The most famous shopping centers of the city are Kløverhuset on Strandgaten Street, Galleriet on Torgallmenningen Square and Bergen Storsenter.

Bergen accommodation

BergenAlthough there are accommodation alternatives suitable for different budgets from hotel to guesthouse, from hostel to camping areas, in Norway, which is still a very expensive country, the most affordable hotels and pensions of the city are Johan Blytts Road, Nedre Korskirkeallmenning, Håkonsgaten, Kalfarveien, Kong Oscars and Stølesmauet. It is located on the streets.

Bergen’s quality and clean hostels are around Hakonsgaten, close to the university campus, and Kong Oscars, right next to the railway.

Lone Camping area is located 20 km from the city center. Hotels in Bergen in general in and around the Byrggen area. For a moderate stay, the streets of Strandgaten, Zander Kaaesgate, Kong Oscars Gate, Christiesgate, Håkonsgaten, Bradbenken and Rosenkrantzgate are the right addresses.

You can find the most luxurious hotels in Bergen, whose room prices increase as they approach the sea, in the streets of C. Sundts, Slottsgaten and Finnegaarden.

How to get to Bergen

Bergen‘E no direct flight time from Turkey. Bergen Flesland Airport is located 19 km from Bergen city center in the city, which you can reach with a connecting flight from Istanbul to Oslo. Bergen Flesland Airport is also known as Flesland Airport because it is located near the county of Flesland.

The best time to go to Bergen is May. The city, which has a very rainy climate, is the sunniest and clearest in spring and summer. The city also hosts colorful and fun festivals during the spring and summer seasons. The International Bergen Festival, Medieval and Viking Festival are held every year in May and June.

With the Fløibanen Funicular Train departing from the city center, you can visit the Fløyen Plateau, which is located between the mountains and offers a magnificent city view.

Check out Bergen flight ticket options to explore Bergen with its breathtaking views!

Train, BergenIt is the most favorite activity of tourists who are interested in landscape and photography who want to watch it from a panoramic angle. Norway’s most touristic city has a magical atmosphere not only with its center, but also with its surrounding natural beauties and fjord routes.

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